About Rita’s Flowers

Rita Fenton, Rita's Flowers Limerick & Tipperary

A native of Patrickswell in County Limerick, Rita Fenton lived and worked for many years in Tipperary, returning in 2010 to Limerick to run Rita’s Flowers, which she has developed into a highly successful business, specialising in designing and manufacturing personalised and themed funeral wreaths nationwide.

Rita attributes the success of Rita’s Flowers to customer loyalty, quality products, self-belief and hard work. While Rita’s business has gone from strength to strength her personal life took a dramatic change in 2012 following an accident which she refers to ‘as life-changing, not life-ending ‘ which left her with a permanent disability and limited mobility. However, her personal workload has been greatly reduced she manages her business on a daily basis, tailoring it around her new disability.

Rita made the decision to open a second shop in 2018 and set her sights on Tipperary Town. Tipperary, as she refers to as her second home, has always been a great supporter of Rita’s Flowers Limerick, and has accounted for a quarter of the active trade in Rita’s Flowers Limerick. Rita’s first love is music but she is also well known for her positive, determined attitude with a very strong attitude to self-belief and ethics . Rita’s Flowers Tipperary officially opened in November 2018.

Rita describes Rita’s Flowers as a big family and on the 29th of July 2019, Rita’s Flowers launched the Rita’s Flowers Bouquet of Hope Evening, honouring the families 12 families whose loved ones had passed. In a previous competition, all the 12 families had won a competition to personally design a bouquet honouring their loved one passed. This very emotional evening was a first for Ritas Flowers but also a first in Ireland.

Rita’s belief is in setting the standard not following it and following a lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic, Rita’s Flowers launched the first-ever florist live sale show in Ireland where customers get to purchase products from a live forum on Facebook from the Rita’s flowers floral showcase.